Windscreen repair

Glass Scratch Repair, Glass Polishing, Windscreen Chip Repair

We are fully trained in the latest technology of glass repair. We use a resin that is injected into the damage. The glass is bonded by the resin and once cured by our specialised UV lamp, this returns the affected area to approximately 98% of it's original strength.

Because of it's fragile composite nature, all types of glass can and often does suffer damage.This is why we recommend that your glass is repaired very soon after damage occurs. If neglected, not only will it weaken your glass and the damage potentially worsen but it will also attract dirt and moisture, making the repair more visible than if it is repaired straight away.

This service is offered to all sectors of the transport/vehicle industry and we are currently servicing Main Dealers, Fleet Operators, Train, Coach and Bus Companies. Over 85% of all damaged windscreens are successfully repairable, often being far more cost effective than replacement, particularly on fleet vehicles . All repairs are carried out on-site with the glass in place, this prevents any risk of bonding leakage often associated with removal/replacement.

All of our repairs are completed to the highest standard and are fully guaranteed including for MOT tests.